We Are Great At What We Do

Trust CJD to take good care of the electronics you no longer need. Whether that’s wiping data from your old phone, disposing of an outdated TV, or any number of other services related to electronics recycling, we’re professionals who are skilled at making sure as few materials as possible end up in a landfill.

Learn more about our different services, and feel free to reach out with any questions.

Electronics Recycling
Keeping harmful materials out of landfills is our top priority. We take unwanted devices and recycle or refurbish them.
Data Destruction
We store lots of sensitive data on our electronic devices. Data destruction deletes information you don’t want falling into unauthorized hands.
Data Center Decommissioning
When facilities that store large amounts of data need to upgrade, move, or otherwise make changes to their equipment, they need our data center decommissioning services.
Electronic Scrap Purchasing
Earn a little extra cash for a good deed. We buy some electronic scrap and make sure it moves into the next phase of its lifecycle ethically.
Scrap Metal Purchasing
We’ll take certain kinds of scrap metal off your hands and offer you a small sum for it. Learn which kinds of metal we purchase.
Tailored Pickup
Have CJD come to you and take all the outdated electronics your organization has accumulated over the years off your hands.