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Bring Anything with a Cord

  • Computers, monitors, printers, cables and peripherals (keyboards, mice, etc.)

  • CRT TVs, Console TVs and Projection TVs are accepted for a fee, at our Edwardsville and East Alton locations only!

                                   The fee ranges from $5-$25 depending on size and model. We still accept Flat Screen TVs for                                no charge.  Payment method at Edwardsville location is cash or check only. Payment                                             method at East Alton is cash, check, or credit card.

  • Fax machines, scanners, digital converter boxes, cable receivers, satellite receivers.

  • Video game consoles, digital video disc player/recorders, portable digital music players.

  • Networking equipment, server, telecommunications, phones, cell phones, clocks, etc.

  • VCR, stereos, and audio/video equipment (including cable/satellite)

  • Holiday lights and metal decorations

  • Electrical, cabling, communication machinery, and equipment

  • Home electronics, blenders, toasters, irons, etc.

  • UPS Battery Backups

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  • Rechargeable batteries (NiMh battery, Li-ion battery and NiCd battery)

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