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Bring Anything with a Cord

  • Computers

    Monitors, printers, cables, keyboards, computer mouse, etc.

  • CRT, Console, Plasma, and Projection TVs

    CRT, console, plasma, and projection TVs are accepted for a fee at Edwardsville and East Alton locations only.

    The fee ranges from $5-$30 depending on size and model. We still accept Flat Screen TVs for no charge. Payment method at Edwardsville location is cash or check only. Payment method at East Alton is cash, check, or credit card.

  • Digital Converter Boxes, Cable Receivers, Satellite Receivers

  • Video Game Consoles

  • Networking Equipment

    Servers, telecommunication equipment, phones, cell phones, clocks, fax machines, scanners, etc.

  • Audio/Video Equipment

    VCR’s, DVD players, stereos, digital video disc player/recorder, portable digital music players, cable/satellite, etc.

  • Holiday Lights and Metal Decorations

  • Communication Machinery and Equipment

  • Home Electronics

    Toasters, blenders, microwaves, etc.

  • UPS Battery Backups

  • Rechargeable Batteries

     Lead acid, nickle acid, lithium ion, cell phone batteries, etc.

    Some Battery Recycling May Incur a Fee

    Alkaline (per pound) – ($0.45)

    Nickel Cadmium (NiCad) Dry Cell – ($0.10)

    Lithium Primary – ($2.50)

    All pricing per pound. All batteries must be properly prepared for shipment per USDOT regulations.

  • Lamps and Light bulbs

    Lamp and light bulb recycling incurs a fee. Priced per lamp/bulb, unless specified per pound.

    Fluorescent Linear Lamps < 4' - $0.50 Fluorescent Linear Lamps > 4′ – $0.78

    Circular/U Bend – $0.68

    Compacts (no ballast) – $0.68

    CFL/Compact (with ballast) – $0.68

    Incandescent – $0.42

    Halogen – $0.56

    HID (MV-MH-HPS-LPS) – $1.30

    Broken Lamps (per pound) – $2.50

    Neon/Ultra Violet Lamps (per pound) – $5.50

    Plastic Coated/Covered Lamps < 4' - $2.00 Plastic Coated/Covered Lamps > 4′ – $2.50

    Lamps must be separated according to type, packaged, enclosed, and sealed. They must not be taped together. Service fee for lamps not correctly packaged (per 100) is $20.00.

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