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Bring us Anything Metal

Old electronics piling up?


We all have electronics from CPU’s to Computer Scrap to RAM, towers, and servers. Whether they are old & out dated, or new and innovative, we take them all! So why not receive a little cash for these items? We at CJD understand the lack of opportunity when it comes to receiving payback for electronics and we would like to offer the public an outlet to do just that.  CJD E-Cycling now offers purchasing of E-Scrap of various electronic items. Bring us your electronic scrap, and leave your worries behind.  We ensure all scrap is properly recycled.  When you recycle with CJD, not only do you leave with cash for your items,  you leave with peace of mind.


Sell your scrap – submit a contact form or call us at 618-659-9006

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We Purchase

  • Computer boards

    • P3 Motherboards (no FE, AL or batteries)
    • P4 Motherboards (no FE, AL or batteries)
    • Low Grade Motherboards (Blue, red, orange, purple)
    • High Grade boards/PCI Cards (no FE, AL or batteries)
    • Mid-Grade boards
    • Low Grade boards
    • Silver Memory
    • Gold Memory
    • Gold Plated Connectors
  • CPU’s

    • Mixed Fiber Processors
    • Mixed Ceramic Processors
  • Computer Scrap

    • Hard Drives w/boards
    • Hard Drives w/out Boards
    • Floppy Drives/CD Drives
    • Power Supplies w/ wire
    • PC Fans
    • Flat/Ribbon Wire
  • Batteries
    • Li-ion (Laptop batteries; terminals taped)
    • Li-ion (Cell phone; terminals taped)
    • Li-ion (Drill batteries; terminals taped)
    • Nl-Mh (Terminals taped)
    • Lead Acid
    • UPS
  • Whole Units
    • PC Towers (Complete Computer)
    • Incomplete PC Tower
    • Laptops (Complete)
    • Incomplete Laptops
    • Whole Server
    • Incomplete Server
    • Digital Satellite Receiver
    • Network Gear (Switches, routers)
  • Miscellaneous Items
    • Cell Phones w/out battery
    • Misc computer Wire 35%
    • AC Adaptors w/wire
    • Christmas Lights
    • CAT5
    • Scrap Aluminum
    • Keyboards/mice/peripherals
    • Household items
    • Printer/copier/fax
  • Sort & Settle
    • LCD Monitors/TVs > 17″

We Do Not Accept

  • Radioactive Materials

  • Flammable Materials

  • Hazardous Materials


  • Devices Containing Mercury

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