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Proper Copper, Electronics, and Circuit Board Recycling

  A Comprehensive Guide to Copper Circuit Board Recycling About Copper Copper or 29Cu is the 29th atomic number on the periodic table of elements. Copper is a naturally occurring metal. This means it occurs in a way that makes it usable as metal and made into any number of items. Throughout history, copper has […]

The Benefits of Recycling Your Computer

The Positive Impact of Computer Recycling For most people, upgrading your computer is a well thought out event. Major computer enthusiasts can spend months deciding on the right components, purchasing them, and actually building their PC. Casual tech owners may only spend a few moments at their local store selecting their new machine. However, in […]

Everything You Need to Know About Copper Recycling

Copper Recycling: A Valuable Waste Reducing Method We only have a limited amount of materials on this planet. We use things at an alarming rate, and it isn’t slowing down any time soon. Even things that we take for granted every day could end up becoming a rare commodity if we aren’t careful. This includes […]

Do You Have Circuit Boards or Computer Components You Can Sell?

You can find a great deal of satisfaction by going green and selling your circuit boards or computer components to a recycling company. You can also make some extra money by choosing to take on this type of endeavor. Examples of Computer Parts Used for Recycling Some of the computer components that are used for […]

UPS Battery Backups and Recycling: What You Need to Know

You may wonder how UPS batteries are disposed of when they are no longer used. UPS, which stands for an “uninterruptible power supply/source,” is a battery or flywheel backup that provides emergency power to a load when the electrical power fails. However, UPS batteries eventually run out of power too and must be reclaimed. Therefore, […]