Computer and Flat Screen TV Repair in Edwardsville IL

As a family-owned recycling company, CJD E-Cycling is committed to providing our customers with the absolute best service each and every day. With electronic waste now being banned from landfills in Illinois, we realize our customers need an easy and convenient way to dispose of their old computers, televisions, and other products in a safe and efficient manner, and that’s where we come into play. By offering our customers numerous services, we make it easier than ever to recycle products that before would have taken up valuable space in landfills.

Bulk Computer Equipment Sales

While recycling is the main part of our business, we have also recently started an E-store that specializes in selling refurbished electronics including computers, flat screen televisions, laptop computers, and much more. By doing computer and flat screen TV repair on certain products, we can not only give customers the opportunity to purchase these products at much lower prices, but also keep these products from finding their way into landfills or being discarded too soon.

Data Destruction

Along with computer and flat screen TV repair, we also provide safe and secure data destruction services to our customers. Completed onsite here at our recycling facility, our employees are trained in the latest and most effective procedures that allow them to ensure all data is destroyed from any computers or other electronics that may be brought to our facility. To give our customers added peace of mind, we are glad to provide a Certificate of Destruction, complete with itemized documentation, upon request. Also upon request, we offer UPC tracking of hard drives and devices, guaranteeing customers a safe and secure experience.

Tailored Pickup

As an added service to our customers, we are glad to provide tailored pickup services for virtually any items. Tailored specifically to the needs of individual clients, we guarantee sensitive material is managed securely and confidentially, while also providing on-site packaging solutions that will fit whatever needs our customers may have.

Cultivate Recycling Program

With our computer and flat screen TV repair enabling us to refurbish numerous electronic products, we also work with customers to establish and maintain a recycling program that fits the needs of their business. We develop, evaluate, and execute a sustainability package unique to each client, making sure they can convert retired IT equipment into a source of revenue.

By always putting our customers first, we here at CJD E-Cycling are committed to not only making sure recycling is easier than ever, but also to providing as many services as possible to make recycling a regular part of everyone’s lives.